KITCHEN EXHAUST FAN CLEANING

Kitchen exhaust fans are removed from the base of the plenum, the interior and exterior is coated with a light degreasing solution and sprayed with 1000 psi to 2000 psi of water. All grease is removed, the entire exhaust fan is cleaned to bare metal. 

  • Grease sticks to exhaust fan blades, slowing down the air flow in your kitchen
  • Exhaust fans that are not regularly cleaned, ruin rooftops & leads to expensive repairs
  • Dirty fan blades decreases the life expectancy of the fan motor

Exhaust Fan Maintenance Program: Did you know your exhaust fan is one of the hardest working components in your restaurant? The exhaust hood fan is one of the first items turned on in the morning and the last item turned off at night. We test motor life, replace worn fan belts, greasing bearings and pulleys, semi annually/annually.

Repairs/Replace: CMS services the entire Island of Maui for kitchen exhaust fan repairs and replacement. We also service and replace supply and intake fans. Kitchen exhaust fans break down for a reason! When repairing the exhaust fan, you must know why it broke down or the same problem will soon repeat itself again, costing you more money.
When repairing your kitchen exhaust fan, always ask the technician; why did it break down and what will prevent it from breaking down again?

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