GREASE FILTER CLEANING

Restaurant/kitchen exhaust grease filters are removed from the exhaust hood system, grease filters are coated with a light degreasing solution than sprayed with 1000 psi to 2000 psi of water, all grease is removed, exhaust filters are cleaned to bare metal. 

Grease filter cleaning goes beyond fire protection. Clean filters decreases the number of breakdowns of the exhaust fans and make-up air units. One repair of an exhaust fan is equal in cost of a whole year of kitchen exhaust cleaning.

Filter Maintenance Program: Due to various types of cooking, the entire exhaust system may not need to be cleaned that frequent, only the grease filters. Saving you money! We service the entire Island of Maui cleaning grease filters as needed.

Kitchen exhaust hood filters are your first line of defense against a kitchen fire. They're also the first place the Maui Health Department/Fire Marshall will look to see if you're restaurant/kitchen hood has been regularly serviced.

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